Friday, November 15, 2013

Worst. Movie Quote. Ever.

I hope you read that in Comic Book Guy's voice.

So, I hate the movie Love Story for a variety of reasons. I find it almost wholly nauseating/rage-inducing. I want to Hulk Smash the ever-loving shit out of it. However,  to make my ire easier to write about (since I'm posting from my cell phone for some reason), I have narrowed it down to one line from the movie that is the linchpin of my hatred.

"Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Umm, fuck you Erich Segal (the twat what wrote this trash). Just fuck you.

I'm pretty sure that is not what love means. I think love means being able to say you're sorry. And knowing when to say it. I think it means knowing someone,  and caring for them enough that you are able to recognize when you've hurt them, and having the courage to apologize and actually mean it. Love most definitely does not mean that you a) never do anything to someone that would necessitate an apology. That's retarded and impossible,  or b) can do shitty things and not apologize because, hey, you're in love. They already know you didn't mean it...


Seriously,  why would that even be a thing? And why do/did people just eat that trash up? It's not romantic, it's insane! It's like Romeo and Juliet, except, ya know, poorly written. At least Romeo and Juliet, aside from its disturbing plot line (but who knows, all that stuff may have been par for the course in those times), was executed beautifully.  Love Story was not. Subpar writing,  misleading and idiotic content. Again, thank you Erich Segal. Stupid jerk.

So now you know. I hate that movie. Perhaps this explains my Queen of Hyperbole title. Oh well, at least I come by it honestly.

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