Monday, November 11, 2013

An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields

Because it feels like a LOTR kind of day.

Happy Veterans Day! It's the day when we put to words something that should be in the back of our minds and in our hearts every day. Those of you who know me well know how much I appreciate our military. You likely also know that I come from a military family, so you perhaps understand where I learned to appreciate them like I do. That's right, I'm a Navy brat. There, now you all know. My daddy is a retired SEAL/UDT. I grew up with a sense of respect for soldiers. So thank you for your service ladies and gentlemen! I can't stress enough how much I respect your commitment to preserving our freedom. -And yeah, I'm totally that person in public places who makes shit awkward for my companions by stopping anyone in uniform and thanking them for their service. Suck it, I don't care. I appreciate them.

So, now that I've said what I have to say about that... Let's move on.

I had lunch with Sarah and Tubesock today. That was good fun. Tubesock go his tubesocks, which made it even more fun. And Sarah let me vent my rage/whining at her again. Oh, and I got a lovely new coat from Wilson's. $300 on sale for $89. And, boom goes the dynamite! Sarah says people are going to want to pet me, so I figure this could rather quickly solve my dating problem.
On that note, Sarah made me admit to a random, totally un-vetted for potential douchbaggery crush.  Now that I've admitted to it, and even gone so far as to name them (she's been sworn to secrecy and I trust her implicitly- so don't waste your time), AND thought about the fact that I really don't know this person, and therefore he is probably a) married with 9 million kids, or b) really sucks, I'm not sure what to do. Saying it out loud made it a real thing. I was far more comfortable with it when I could just not acknowledge it. I'm pretty good at avoiding stuff. Frick. I'm also solely basing this crush on very limited conversation and a fantastic face- because that always ends well for me.

I also find it amusing/disturbing that when she brought up the possibility that the last guy I was seeing (the one my hormones insisted that certain parts of our anatomy become friends- which I was thankfully able to avoid) may have rejected me, that I dismissed it out of hand. I feel that this is not even a possibility since I am so mother-fucking amazing. I have decided that he is just an idiot who thinks that I have significantly more patience for BS than I, in fact, happen to possess. Not sure what that says about me as a person, but it is what it is.

To end this, I think I should give my hormones a vacation. Hell, I'll even make it paid. They just need to piss off for a while so I can have some peace!


  1. awesome dude good post lol......n hope everything works out well between you and your crush!!!

  2. Thanks Bryan. Cautious optimism!