Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Insomnia is Like Anorexia- For Your Brain. Mmmm.... Brains....

I am now on day two of an hour or less of sleep. I can actually feel myself getting crazier. I keep finding myself wonder-sessing over the most ridiculous crap. Stuff like, "What ever happened to my old shower curtain? I hope I burned it. I hated that shower curtain," and "If Sugar-Free Haribo Gummy Bears cause explosive diarrhea, why do people keep buying them?"

If you've not seen some of the product reviews on Amazon, I highly recommend it:

The point of the matter is that not sleeping is stupid. I miss it. I blame the stuffed cow. I don't think he quite grasps the mechanics of the Winter Cuddles. In fact, he is a terrible cuddle-buddy all around. I assume it has to do with his bovine nature. Cows are untrustworthy- everyone knows that.

Scientific Proof:
I can actually feel the plotting.

Let us end on a high note. I am kind of psyched about Slayer this Friday. I'm not sure why, since it is more expensive than I had expected, and it won't be the first time I've seen them. I think it's because it involves going out in public. Where the people are. And I'm totally humming Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid. I'm sorry (not sorry).... But yeah, the prospect of being out in the wilds of humanity with only a Hanns to protect me from certain death/dismemberment/Zombiepocalypse, is kind of exciting. I don't get out enough. 

Publisher's Note: I never wanted that shower curtain, but I moved into my apartment with the cheap-skatingest Mama's Boy that ever existed (I mean that in the nicest possible way, I just can't help poking at his personality traits with pointies once in a while because some of them were so absolutely alien and spooky). She (his Mama, I mean) apparently thought that the best quality 14 cent shower curtains in existence could be had at Wal-Mart (I have no idea how much it actually cost, but I guarantee it was too much). So he came home with this ugly-ass blackish see through-y waffle-curtain thing. Literally the most wretched piece of plastic ever crapped out by Dupont (or whoever makes plastic. I don't keep track of such things). Anyhoo, he finally left 2 years or so ago. But, since my laziness can occasionally outweigh even my mighty rage, I didn't replace the Curtain of Relationships Past until a few weeks ago. Sort of like how I have yet to find the energy to replace him. Ah laziness, the Great Motivator.

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