Sunday, November 10, 2013

These Are For You. I Thought You'd Like Them Cuz They're Dead. And Gothy.

Sorry, I'm watching Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and I thought that was a great line. I'm doing this instead of having the "date" I was supposed to have 2 1/2 hours ago. Who neither appeared nor called to beg off. Meaning he better have been squished by a train. Or Hulk Smashed. Stomped by Godzilla. I will accept any of these things. Clearly I have amazing taste in men. Buuuut, at least it reminded me for something like the 5th time this calendar year why I keep telling myself that I have stopped dealing with dudes altogether, so- thanks guy (I'll totally remember it this time, probably)!

Naw, I'm still cautiously optimistic. Someday it will work. Preferably with a superhero, although I wouldn't say no to a good, solid anti-hero. Or, ya know, just a dude that doesn't suck. :|

So, on a higher note.... I don't know, I don't really have anything of value. I just feel like a little public venting.

Today I saw the new Thor. I don't care what anyone says, I thought it was just fine. There was the perfect ratio of action to Chris Hemsworth in vaguely Nordic costuming. And by vaguely I mean he had Mjolnir. Pretty sure that's the only authenticity there... That was Nordic. It totally counts. But no, spoiler free description, I enjoyed it. And the trailers before the movie made my inner nerd do an awful lot of squee-ing. New Captain America, check. New X-men, check. And yes, I will see it. Because, Bishop. New Hobbit, that was there too. I will still have to see the first one, but then I will definitely be seeing the second. And Robocop. Yes, Robocop. Yet another thing to cause me to feel cautiously optimistic. I sense a theme here. Alex J. Murphy. Namesake of my long-dead goldfish. I kind of can't wait. The original was pretty crappy, so maybe they have nowhere to go but up?

Ok, this show is distractingly hilarious. Later, bitches!

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