Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Pants Command Me

So, last night was the Megadeth show. They were amazing, as I expected. Non-Point was terrible, which is also as I expected, and Fear Factory was also pretty terrible, which I only sort of expected- I'm not a huge fan, I don't hate them either, but they were really crappy last night. Really, really crappy.

I was sort of off my game last night though. Slightly less sociable than usual. And I feel like hell today. And no, I'm not hungover. I feel like I may be getting sick, which I find terribly depressing. But, I digress from the topic I intended to start...

So, in reference to the Great November Pants Boycott, I have discovered that pants are not actually the issue. It is clothing in general. I do not like getting dressed. Ever. I think it is society's way of keeping us docile. No Pants=No Revolution (or something like that). NO PANTS REVOLUTION! I re-discover this about myself every time I have to go from naked to not-naked. I become a small, whiny child being told to put their pajamas on for bed. There is very little I wouldn't do to avoid it. I basically kick, scream, hide behind furniture, and accuse the world in general of being a big meanie.

I have an appointment for school this morning, followed immediately by an appointment to go look at a house. So, instead of getting dressed, I'm writing this while having an internal debate with myself- will it hurt my chances with the realtor if I go to this Dude-style? As in, bath robe and bedroom slippers? It sounds mighty tempting.
                                        Apparently the internet makes iron on transfers now?

P.S. For those of you who interacted on the last post, thank you. I appreciate the dedication to sharing that it required since apparently the blog was not accepting comments for some unknown reason. I appreciate your input, and it was interesting to learn so much about you! :3


That makes me really happy. Like, really, really happy.

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