Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Refuse to Title This Post- and in Doing so, Have Titled the Damned Post

I have been in a really weird, melancholy sort of place the last few days. Not physically- physically I have been all the normal places, excepting school (which I am temporarily boycotting), but mentally. Emotionally. Something. I dunno, in some intangible way. I've just been feeling really off. In my emo-lite state, I have been doing a lot of thinking- DANGER!
Don't worry, I won't go into all the boring, ridiculous stuff I have been emo-ing about, I just thought it should bear mentioning that I am feeling a little left-of center. Which is somehow different than any other day. :)

So in the interest of the illustrious turkey-deep-throating holiday tomorrow, I have decided to make a list. I'm fairly good at making lists. I will not be naming what I'm thankful for, per se, because that just feels kinda vomity to me, but I will list things that make me happy!

  1. My niece. She's funny. And smart. Slightly evil. Adorable.
  2. Baby animals- most of them.
  3. Really disturbingly ugly animals
  4. Dogs and cats that think they're people
  5. Kids that think they're people
  6. Observance of social niceties- please, thank you, holding doors, etc. - I call this out because it is troublingly rare
  7.  Loud, live, rowdy music (but it has to be good)
  8. Reading a book that's good enough that I forget it's a book
  9. The first time you meet a person that you have an immediate, intense attraction to (but all the stuff that comes after, not so much)
  10. Being complimented- which also makes me intensely uncomfortable. But it's still really nice!
  11. Getting to wake up without the help of an alarm
  12. Creative taxidermy/Frankendermy
  13. Seeing other people be happy
  14. Singing along to showtunes- Honey Badger doesn't give a shit!
  15. Having friends that appreciate you. All of you. Not just the "normal" things.
  16. My family. Yes, sometimes they make me want to jump out of an airplane, conveniently forgetting to take a parachute, but they're also pretty awesome.
  17. Good food. Yeah, I'm a cow. I don't care. Food is awesome!
  18. Finding that one, spectacular pair of shoes that makes me feel like the sexiest bitch in the world. They're out there!
Ok, this is starting to feel like work. I guess I should find more things to make me happy!

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