Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Did I do That?

So, I was reading something the other day, somewhere..... On the internet.... Possibly in a magazine.... Look, I have long days, I can't be expected to remember minutia. Annnnnyway, it was something about how 91% of people admit to texting things they would never say to someone's face. It made me kind of hyper-vigilant. Now, every time I am about to send off a text, I have to read it and ask myself, "would I say that to them if they were in front of me?"

So, many text messages later, I am yet to come across a firm "no." And I will text some weird shit to some people. And I promise, I am being honest with myself when I ask that question. I think it helps that I REFUSE to have important or unhappy conversations via text message, and usually not over the phone at all. I require face time for truly impactful news whenever possible. I think it also helps that very little makes me uncomfortable, and I can't think of a single topic that should not be mentioned. All things are worth talking about!


So, basically, I thought that was interesting that 91% of people polled said that. I think that means that people are probably having emotion-y-type conversations via text, which I personally find weird. Learn to say shit out loud, 91%. Seriously.

This vaguely reminds me of my (semi- sort of) frequent tirades about dudes hitting on me via Facebook. It's freakin' weird. And an automatic no-go. I mean, if you use it to, like, get my number, and/or ask me out for a drink or something, cool (provided I actually know you- I'm not going to lie, actually LOOKING at friend requests feels like work, and I like the added bonus of being able to delete people once I realize that I have either never met them, or maybe I have and I don't remember because, presumably, they sucked and were not memorable). But if it turns into a creepy compliment-track, or whatever, where you get caught in a nice-things-I-like/want to have sex with-about-you-loop just.... Stop. Please. Cuz, now I think you're a binoculars in the bushes type, and nothing good will ever come of this.

As per usual, that got into topic-peripherals quickly... Hooray for free association!

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