Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adventures at Airport Junior

So, I made it through security in record time. Normally, this would be the most wonderful thing ever. Today, not so much. I'm really fucking tired, and the idea of having to be trapped in He'll' s Waiting Room with all of these ridiculous people makes me want to cry a little (ok, a lot). I'm pretty sure there is a banished in here. It might be the blonde lady a few rows over. Pretty sure.
Only one more hour of this.
Also, Air Tran told me when I got here that my connecting flight in Atlanta is full, so I will have to see an attendant there. Yeah, pretty sure I bought my ticket FOREVER ago so I could avoid this exact thing. Dafuq, Air Tran?! Have I mentioned that the Atlanta airport is easily one of the worst places in the know universe? Because it is. If any of you have ever been, you know. It's wretched. And it's in Atlanta. I HATE THAT CITY.
Have I mentioned that I'm tired? So, if I'm slightly more random, that would be why. I'm approaching 24 hours, and somewhere in the neighbourhood of fifty bazillion cups of coffee. I'm either going to have a heart attack or fall asleep. I hope it's sleep. I'm too you g and cute to die...
Did you ever notice that airports seem to draw out the worst people? Ugh. Stupid elitist assholes that think rules apply to everyone but them. I'm a little mad still about the slouching who decided to bypass the entire security queue and just mosey on up to the counter. Fucking jerk. Apparently he thought that because he had a shitty haircut and a cheap suit that he was somehow special. In hindsight, he may have been a copilot or something. Definitely not important enough to be in charge, but maybe a wingman. Eh heh heh. Wingman, get it?
Oh, kill me now. It needs to be several hours from now, and I need to already be in Florida. I'll take lots of pictures in case anyone would like to live vicariously through me. Ya know, like if you want to escape the super shitty Minnesota weather? :)

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