Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throat Punch!!!! Or, My Two Cents - now with CAPS LOCK!

Those of you who know me are likely very aware of my feeling that EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion on pretty much everything. No matter how tragically fucking stupid I might find that opinion. I think it is our right as sentient beings to feel however we want about whatever we want. But there is a point where a line must be drawn. You DON'T GET TO STATE YOUR OPINION AS FACT, and YOU DON'T GET TO CRAM YOUR OPINION DOWN THE THROATS OF EVERYONE YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH.

I understand that we, as Americans, are in the midst of some extremely polarizing issues at present, but that's nothing new. So HANDLE YOUR SHIT.

Something like aiding refugees is, in my mind, not really a matter of decision. They are PEOPLE. We are PEOPLE. PEOPLE SHOULD HELP OTHER PEOPLE AT EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY. What do you really have if you don't even have compassion for other living beings? Maybe it's worth debating exactly WHAT WE DO to help, but how is helping or not even a matter of decision? This isn't a matter of hurt feelings or wounded pride, this is literally a matter of life and death for these people. Fuck your political beliefs. They're irrelevant to this particular conversation. This is bigger than your political ideologies.

Aiding Syrian refugees is in no way related to our deplorable treatment of our veterans. Their plight in NO WAY diminishes that of our veterans. I think the current trend of delivering the ultimatum of "us or them" does both a huge disservice. You're clouding 2 completely separate and incredibly important issues, and I would like to personally throat punch you for being so painfully ignorant. There is no Them. There is only Us - people.

I have ignored so many of my Facebook friends in the last week because I can't abide the fear mongering, hatred, paranoia, and the complete inability of certain of them to engage in reasonable discussion with people whose viewpoints don't completely mirror theirs. Will I cut all ties with them? No. I will simply ignore their inability to intelligently defend their opinions, and rejoin them when the parroting of other's views has tapered off. And then I will reasses their validity as future friends. Because my friends need to require the ability to debate above a 5 year old's level.

What happened to the days when we could have civil conversations about such important topics with such far-reaching implications?

I'm not even mad. Or disappointed. I'm fucking furious. Throat punches all around. I'm mostly kidding about the throat punching. But really, shitting on someone for disagreeing with you is foolish at best. Your simply ensuring that you will never again grow as a human being. Congratulations, Pikachu. Whatever evolved Pikachu's name is is NOT in your future. I was too old for Pokemon. Sue me.

Now that I have vented, if you have something to contribute, I encourage you to do so here - debate is encouraged. Provided you can conduct  yourself like a grownup. Clearly profanity is not a deal breaker, though.

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