Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Post-Halloween Clearance rocks my socks off!

I loooooove all things Halloween. Every year, in the week after the holiday, I spend basically all of my excess cash buying boatloads of amazing horror-themed delights. This year, I didn't have quite as much as I would have liked to have blown, but I think that between Shawn and myself, we got a pretty impressive haul - hello, werewolf-skin rug! I only took a few pictures to share, because honestly, transferring them from camera (phone) to laptop is a little more work than I feel like doing (I blame cramps).

So, to get right to it, here we have the 2 AMAZING wreaths I bought from Michaels for 80% off. (O_O) Shawn said these needed to be mentioned, because we don't usually adult, and we both feel that these were acceptably grownup-like,

Please forgive my inability to take a quality photo.

I also got a cake stand (which is currently holding some makeup) with a skeleton hand sticking up out of the center, the aforementioned werewolf-skin rug, some arm-and-hand bone salad servers, a raven hand towel, and probably some other stuff that is escaping me currently.

And, although we bought these last year, I will share the following 2 photos as they just finally went up.

                                        So, bats and bloody hand-prints/blood splatters.

Don't worry, the apartment is not always as messy as it looks in that top picture. I think we were packing for our recently aborted camping trip...

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  1. I feel like this post in unfinished without a picture of the werewolf rug.