Friday, February 19, 2016

Sometimes things are meaningful

I'm sorry, it's been forever - again.

Things have been hectic and stuff now that plans are being made to vacate our current domicile - but more on that later - that isn't just my story to tell, you know.

Now, for the things that have meaning....

Those of you who know me probably also know that I am a huge Supernatural fan, and in particular a fan of the philanthropic leanings of those involved in the show. For that reason, I have decided to commit some of my money and also some of my time to the #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network - which you can read about here: #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network if you are interested in learning more. It's pretty compelling stuff, and it tugged at my little heartstrings, so now I want to help.

They also have these fab t-shirts:

Which can be found here in a variety of styles - Fab t-shirts, variety of styles.

That's all for now, but I promise to try to have something new to report soon (as in not 6 months or a year from now).

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