Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Great Patio Farden Project of 2014

I have recently decided that patio farming/gardening - or fardening if you will, is the way to go. So, since I can't ever do anything small scale, I have essentially set up to have my own produce section. I am less than one week into the fardening process, and already it has proven to be a fun, successful experiment in science and future food. And agriculture. Can't forget about that. I'm learning things and stuff.

It is so exciting, in fact, that I have decided that you will all get to enjoy it with me. So... behold my (future) spoils!


And ignore my terrible pictures- I'm working with a barely-living decade and some change old, chintzy when it was brand new camera.

 Cabbage and Pickling Cucumbers- also, Poppies in the background.
 Garlic and a mystery plan. Also featured - my Hoya and Christmas Cactus. They felt left out.
 Lemon Cucumbers and some things I neglected to label. Pretty sure they are hot pepper and sweet pepper mixes.
 Tomato Rocket! I expected rockets. I was mildly disappointed.
 Cilantro and Eggplant in case reading isn't your strong point. They are being annoying and slow.
 Eureka Beans and Arctic Crisp Lettuce

 Green Onion and Garlic Chives
Spinach and Looseleaf Lettuce Blend

 I am not sure what I will do with these when they outgrow their starter pots - which I anticipate happening very soon. I have a palette that I am going to use, but I am not sure how I want to go about that yet, although I do have a few ideas. Any opinions/ideas would not be discouraged.

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