Thursday, June 19, 2014

Le Haul - As Promised

I promised, and so - I deliver.
Here be all the crap I have bought and/or cobbled together. recently. And by crap I mean awesome stuff. And by recently I mean in the last few weeks.

There will be other stuff too. Don't worry.

First, the MAGIC TOWELS. DON'T ASK SHAWN WHAT THEY ARE. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD - JUST DON'T. There was Everything For Dollars weirdness involved. But yeah, so, from the top we have Raphael, Thor, Tiki Scooby, and Hawkeye. Also, magic. Lots of magic.

Then, there is Beauty and the Beast and Snow White cups. Remember those? Pretty cool, right? Thanks check out counter at my local Goodwill!

 These. These came from Savers. They're weird Gaiman/Escher-y fantastical scenes. And it's freakin' framed contact paper. I'm not even kidding. I must know what was previously lined with this! My vote is for some sort of Wardrobe-to-Narnia or some such. (Also, how much do you love the red walls?

 And thennnnn... My dead stuff serving tray set thingy. Again, Savers. Or maybe Goodwill. It all kind of blurs together at some point. Anyhoo, that is tatted lace with butterflies and small dried plants under glass. Coasters and serving tray. SCOOOORE! DEAD BUGS!

 The next two pictures are primarily the fabled manga haul. The top 2 shelves in the first picture and the top shelf in the second. That is soooooooo much. I don't know how I'm ever going to read it all! Just kidding, I totally will. No problem.

And my weird geek walls. This one is Lenore (new and old runs), my one and only Squee, and a fabulous alternate cover of Sandman Overture Numero Uno.

The Fables Wall. Terrible pictures, I know. But it is what it is. And it ain't done. It's just done for now. These are some of my favorite covers.

And the Simpsons movie poster wall. They are cut down to 8x10, but there is Wizard of Oz, Night of the Living Ned, The Teacher From the Black Lagoon, and Planet of the Apus. Yay for Axman cutting mats and X-acto knives. 

Not pictured- all the shit I bought from Axman. It's all incredibly cool, but mostly less showy. Although I did pick up a super-cool old school X-men magnet.

In other news, today I planted a bunch of veggies and herbs. Now Shawn is going to help me realize my dream of vertical patio sustenance gardening. I think it's going to be fun! And don't you worry. I'll feed you, baby birds- you'll get plenty of lame progress shots.

In other-other news,  camping again in 2 weeks. I can't wait! In Brainerd, so I can see my most beautiful niece. She pretty much demanded it.

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