Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Diatribe for the Ages

I may be overselling this slightly. But I just have a couple of things I want to bring up as topic for discussion.

1. Gamer Girls

What is the deal with this?? Seriously.
"Yes. I am a girl. Who games."

Uh, congrats. You do realize this is nothing new, right? I've been "gaming" since I was coordinated enough to work a d-pad and 2 buttons (was that just last week? Sheesh, feels like a life time). Shit girl, I've been "gaming" since I was a baby. Maybe even a zygote.

Shuddup. Girls play games. Girls have always played games. You're not special. Girls have played games for as long as both girls and games have been a thing.

2. Nerdery in Pop Culture

Is it awesome? Absolutely. Except when it gets screwed up. Which is often. But sometimes it's even still cool then. Just in a slightly different way - see... Well... Nothing comes immediately to mind, but I know it has happened. Whatever. Not really the issue. I take issue with the fact that all the kids who shit all over me for being a nerd or weirdo in the past are now the same ones invariably hashtagging all over Facebook with crap like, "Can't wait for the new comic/fantasy/sci-fi whatever with the hubs. Super-turbo-lulz!" Ugh, cram it. Liking "nerd stuff" makes people subhuman, remember?

Am I bitter? Yeah, a little. I feel a bit like my identity is being stolen a little piece at a time. Am I being dramatic? For sure. Hormones, probably. It's always hormones. So, take that.

Don't get me wrong, this stuff totally deserves attention on a mass scale (mostly). I just don't exactly get the warm and fuzzies from seeing these things enjoyed by the same people who judged the nerds, freaks, and weirdos unquestioningly for enjoying the very same things prior to Hollywood getting their poisened little mittens all over them.

End rant.

Drops mic.

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