Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stuff What Happened in Absentia

I know, I know. I've been slacking. I kinda forgot I had a blog until New {name redacted for privacy} (who may be known as that forever; I'm sorry) pointed out that my last post was like a week or a few days after our first date which quickly turned into many more dates, and then a full-blown, totally fun and awesome relationship that has not gotten any less fun and awesome in the ensuing month and change. So, as much as I want to remember that, time passes and whatnot.
I'm still being kinda lazy, so you guys won't get anything of substance yet, but sometime in the next few days I would love to update you on my Free Comic Book Day scores, and my various amazing thrift store finds. It has definitely been a productive couple of weeks.

In other news: almost fishing time for me!!! I can't wait!!!!!

And my beautiful baby girl who is not at all a baby, nor actually mine is all set to graduate high school this summer, so... If any of is felt young a second ago, we may as well just get the fuck over that right now...

Yeah, that's all you get for now. I'm typing this on a cell phone while sitting in the middle of my hallway surrounded by dirty laundry. It feels weird, so I'm going to make it stop.


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