Saturday, April 5, 2014

Now Featuring Positivity!

I realized today that I never really blog about nice things. So.......NICE THINGS!

One Nice Thing:
I just got back from MSI. Faith in humanity partially restored. No, not really. But faith in Jimmy Urine cemented. He is just an amazing human being. <----Fact of the Day

Two Nice Thing:
I went on a date earlier this week. It was very nice, and he was very nice. Much nicer than the dates I usually go on. Which, I grant, is none- but that's not really the point. It was all good things. And yes, there will be a second. And I wouldn't hate it if there were some more after that. <---- Second Fact of the Day

Three Nice Thing: Ethel. Sweet, beautiful Ethel. I bought her, and I am now deeply, violently in love with her. For those of you who pay no attention to my Facebook dickery, Ethel is my new car. She is a Mazda3 iTouring. And she's beautiful. <---- Third Fact of the Day

Ok, I'm tired of listing nice things.

I forgot to do my Friday homework. Oops. That's probably bad. I'm still not really sleeping, so I blame that. Fer fuck.

And I started playing South Park Stick of Truth. Partially because it's on loan from a friend, and I'm sure he'd like to get it back at some point, and partially because I'm fucking sick of trying to sneak around the stupid Pig Castle in stupid Pig Armor in Ni No Kuni. It's infuriating because I continue to fail miserably at it. I keep getting caught and having to start over. I should kill all the Pig People and feast on Pig People Bacon. I imagine it is somewhat like Canadian Bacon, only not made with Beaver Filler.

Today I bought the first Preacher. And I hope I will like it. I also bought a Lenore single issue. Because I thought the cover was really good. But I thought a few of the new issues had great covers, so I don't really remember which one I decided was Most Good. It's in Ethel. And Ethel is sleeping in her garage spot. It's cold and I'm lazy, so I guess I will wait until I need to leave for a different reason before this mystery can be solved.

I remembered today that I really like being hermity. Like, a lot. I really wish that I never had to leave my house. Unless I wanted to. Like, if I was going on a second date. I could be persuaded to leave for that. Or if MSI played another show, but nobody else was there. Or, like 12 other people, tops.

I was told after the show that I apparently called some guy a douche several times over the course of a conversation that lasted about 2 minutes, so I feel pretty good about that. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying- my mouth was on autopilot (as is tradition). I have no problem believing it though. He really was an enormous douche-canoe.

Oh, fun story- at the show, my Local Fashion Hero was mere feet from me. And I didn't fawn over her, or be stalkery. I thought about it, but then I realized that would require that I speak to a person who wasn't Andrea. And then I got really uncomfortable feeling. Oh, Samantha Rei, I do so love everything that you do. And your welcome for not terrifying you with my weird, stalky behavior.

Alright, I don't feel like sharing anymore right now.

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