Monday, May 12, 2014

As Promised

So, here are my recent scores.

Free Comic Book Day and other various comic scoreage:
 I apologize for the trash pictures, but, this is 4 issues of Lenore. Most of them from the new volume, but that first one is from the, well, first...
 6 new Fables.
Judge Dredd/Mars Attacks crossover- I hope you can comprehend how insanely awesome this is. 
 Squee (I framed it. It did not come that way).
Special Edition Sandman: Overtures (again, I framed).

Other various finds- mostly thrift shop stuff:
 Can we focus on that Spawn? 
And sadly, the buttons are barely visible, but there are: one Punisher logo, one amazing Deadpool button that reads "Best. Button. Ever!", one DC Bombshells Poison Ivy, one Joker/Harley Quinn, and one Genuine Monster Parts. 
This one was a gift, which made me like it even more.

And then there were the Hercules action figures I put up on my Facebook page yesterday. And that is basically it. I mean, I got other little things here and there, but not stuff that is easily photographed and shared. Or that you guys would conceivably care about. So, this is what you get....

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