Monday, October 2, 2017

Time waits for no man...Or lady.

How has it been 2 months already?!

I will be 30-something in a few days. I've been in Portland for like a year and a half. And school is sucking my will to live. 

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I don't know if it cuts, but it certainly does suck.

This mothafuckah won't format right, and I just don't care anymore.

I am currently slogging my way through Intro to Web Design, News Writing, Fundamentals of Stage Makeup, and yet another Exploratory Prose course. There is a literal metric fuckload of homework to accompany those courses, which I am currently trying desperately to ignore. And it's only week two--I think this is indicative of smooth sailing from here on. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Throughout it all, I have made time for some light reading--namely I FINALLY got around to reading Anne Bishop's The Other series; at least what there is of it. I read five books in the 2 week break I had from school, and let. me. tell. you: I have not enjoyed five books quite that much in a long time. And here I had been hesitant because I'm just a little tired of kissy books (ahaha, that's topical, you'll see if you read them!). Well, they were not kissy books at all, let me tell you. Surprisingly light on the kissing. And here I thought all Urban Fantasy was all kissing all the time--an assumption I base entirely on my limited knowledge of the genre via Laurell K. Hamilton (bless you Holy Urban-Fan-Mother of Vampire Hunters and Sidhe, I love you, I just didn't want all the kissing and orgy-ing and whatnot this time around).

So, yeah, good times. I liked them, and I'm counting down the days to #6.

That's all you get for now, folks. I have to start my weekly trip through a week's pay in textbooks now.

But before I go, know this: I am currently reading Henry Rollins' Before the Chop LA Weekly Articles 2011-2012 (signed by St. Hank, thankyouverymuch), and his shiny brilliance has inspired me, so I will be expanding off a topic he inspired in the very near future--amazing frontmen/women and totally not disappointing sophmore albums. And then maybe we can trad band recommendations. Us, I mean. Not me and Henry Rollins. Unless he wants to do that, then totally. Quick, someone direct that man to my blog!

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Thanks, Google. And Henry, I <3 U. #noshame

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