Saturday, July 22, 2017

This Week in College

This week I found a grammar error in my grammar text book. I kind of wish I was joking - I am paying somewhere in the neighborhood of an incredible amount of money for this course, and the writer of the textbook I am expected to take as gospel doesn't realize that when used in its proper noun form, Earth should be capitalized. I'm not salty, but...I'm a little salty. That is an $80 textbook for an $800 grammar class, and they can't even capitalize names properly.

I also drew a cat with large ears. Let's discuss.

I am a mother-fuckin' artiste!

Notice the fine line work, the incredible depth and dimension... Notice how quickly I decided that since this was for a Grammar class assignment, the quality of my drawing was unimportant. Lastly, notice how the couch just disappears into the wall like it is a wall-shaped fucking Stargate. In this story, I think that makes the cat.... James Spader, maybe? 

Now, on a completely (un)related note -- I just picked up Billy Idol's Charmed Life on CD from the Goodwill (you may know it as the 1990 album containing "Cradle of Love"). You probably don't know this about me, but I love-love Billy. I think he is a glorious. craggy man-god. I tell you about buying the CD because on the inside cover rests this little gem that I've taken a bullshit picture of: 

So now I feel like I have to write to Billy Idol. It's just become a Bucket List item. Logic dictates that since this address was valid for this purpose in 1990, it must still be so today, so... I'll let you all know how that goes. 


  1. "Glorious craggy man-god" is definitely needed in my lexicon. Excellent.

    1. He is though. He's so handsome. O_O <3 <3