Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This is not really a post.

See, the title didn't even get formatted as a title.

Gah, I fail. I know. I'M SORRY! I've been crazy busy. It's Finals Week. Buuut, I still totally have news, and the next legit post will even have pictures, or maybe even a video!

But for real, I have sooooooo much to show you, so put up with my crap for just a little bit longer. It's Chridmats time anyway, so y'all should be way too busy doing that whole mess to even worry about me. I promise, it will be one hell of a haul video/photofest/whatever. Seriously though, since the last time I posted, I have bought no fewer than 100 new pigments or eyeshadows - no fewer, but probably some greater.

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