Sunday, February 9, 2014

All Your Nightmares is Belongs to Me!

This has been a banner weekend for me. I went shopping, and so many creepy things did I buy!

We will start here:
My beautiful, NIB Sideshow brand Evil Ash

$25 American. Can you believe it? I couldn't! These things tend to sell for at least double, but usually triple that. Thanks local comic supplier! I'm a little bit in love with him. I would be even happier if it was S-Mart Ash, the Pit Witch, or 2 headed Ash, but whatevs. Evil Ash is still pretty bitchin'.

Next, I found this little buddy at a thrift shop:
His dead eyes were staring directly into my soul.
He is tentatively named El Zombirino, solely because I recently watched the Big Lebowski. I will be giving him the zombie-paint treatment soon (and I will be posting pictures of the finished product), at which point I will be re-naming him Keith, because that is a wretched name that makes me think of dead things.
Aaaand thennnn:
Le Fop
You may be asking yourself, "Is that gold leaf trimming his coat?" Why, no, it is not. I got him at a thrift shop, what do you want?! It's so much classier than all that nouveau-riche gold leaf shit. That right there is real, American, or possibly Chinese chunky gold glitter. Like he was trimmed by a 4 year old. He's totally bangin'.
Round Whatever We're On:

                                                                        I want to hug your insidey parts!

He plants bad dreams all up inside you while you sleep. Seriously, though- I brought all this crap over to my dad's house to show it all off (mostly Ash, because I knew he'd be all high school girl jealous), and he actually made me remove Nightmare Bear from his presence immediately because he said it was the most terrifying thing he had ever seen. I wish the picture did him justice- he really is spectacularly creepy.

And then, because I need these things to complete me:

Well, this picture accomplishes nothing, really, but I did add a few new graphic novels to the collection. What you can't see, but are new anyway, so shut up- yesterday I picked up Spawn issues 2&3, Neil Gaiman's Sandman vol. 2, and issues 1&2 of Strange Tales featuring stories by Jhonen Vasquez and Junko Mizuno. I later came home, went online, and ordered Spawn #1 as well as 2 Anita Blake graphic novel compilations because I'm missing Guilty Pleasures vol 2, so I just got the compilations of all the Guilty Pleasures as well as all of the Laughing Corpse. And then I ordered Purple Nurples. And some more Monster High dolls. Cuz I's a grown up. Oh, and the first Dark Hunters graphic novel, and, I don't know, probably some other crap I don't need but do.

Ohhhh, aaaaaaand, my Valentines themed Darth Vader cookie jar should arrive by Tuesday.
That link be the link to the gorgeous gent in question. Click it. CLICK IT. CLICK IT OR DIE!

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